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[movies]Atom Timeline - The ATOM Project - The ATOM Project is committed to ending nuclear weapons testing and eliminating the world's nuclear arsenals. Sign our petition today to tell world leaders that you demand and deserve a world without nuclear weapons.
Keywords: facts about nuclear weapons; nuclear weapon facts; nuclear bomb facts
Downloads: 32
[audio]diffusion2013-05-20 - Diffusion Science Radio
Young blood and RoboWarsIan Woolf reports on Wind powered nuclear weapons, and turtle freezing genomes.Angus Deveson spoke with Ian Woolf about RoboWars Sydney,Glowing Mouse draculas return to heal aged hearts - Ian Woolf explains.Presented and produced by Ian Woolf
Keywords: science; Diffusion; nuclear weapon; wind; energy; glass; turtle; longevity; cryonics
Downloads: 747
[texts]WT-915 - Nigel B. Cook
WT-915, Operation Castle, Intensity and Distribution of Fallout. Relevant to the 15 megaton 1 March 1954 Castle-Bravo nuclear test which contaminated the Japanese tuna trawler Lucky Dragon 5 and the downwind atolls of Ailinginae, Rongelap, Rongerik, and Utirik. Note also that Table 1 in the report USNRDL-466 by Carl F. Miller gives the measured relationship between the mass of fallout deposited per unit area and the radiation level at 1 hour after burst for this nuclear test and others...
Keywords: Bravo; Castle-Bravo; nuclear weapon; fallout; WT 915; WT-915
Downloads: 160
[movies]The Current Episode 29/5 - Tom Frank Studios
Today we'll talk about North Korea testing another nuclear weapon, What is the American dream, and the outlawing of the kids game tag.
Keywords: North Korea; Nuclear Weapon; Tag; American Dream; Dream; American; North; Korea; Nuclear; Testing; Bomb
Downloads: 69
[audio]Today In Perspective Week of November 20, 2008 - Today In Perspective
The mission of Today In Perspective is to provide an informational, relevant and entertaining view of current news and events from a historical perspective. This week we take a look at the history of the Nevada Nuclear Test Site and the current state of nuclear weapons in the United States and the world.
Keywords: history; news; nuclear testing; Nevada test site; Iran; Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty; nuclear weapon
Downloads: 206
[audio]New World Notes 130 - The Drive to War Against Iran - Kenneth Dowst
30-minute weekly radio program for August 31, 2010. The run-up to war on Iran sure looks a lot like the run-up to war on Iraq. For example, our government is demonizing the country's leadership, ensuring that all negotiations fail, and loudly denouncing a nuclear-weapons program that does not exist. In an interview with Canadian host Brandon Stone, Richmond (VA) activist PHIL WILAYTO lucidly describes and explains the U.S...
Keywords: Iran; Israel; war; Phil Wilayto; nuclear weapon; uranium; enrichment; Obama; Dennis Ross; Dowst; negotiation
Downloads: 28
[texts]Concerning the establishment of a South Pacific nuclear free zone and concerning the emancipation of the Iranian Baha'i community : markups before the Subcommittee on International Security, International Organizations, and Human Rights of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, second session, on H. Con. Res. 111 and H. Con. Res. 124, February 3, 1994 - United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on International Security, International Organizations, and Human Rights

Keywords: Nuclear-weapon-free zones -- Oceania; Nuclear nonproliferation; Bahais -- Civil rights Iran; Human rights -- Iran
Downloads: 277
[movies]Hydrogen Bomb Test - U.S. Government
This is a clip of the Hydrogen Bomb test at Enewetak Atoll on November 1, 1952, and the first time one was exploded. The fireball was big enough to cover most of Manhattan Island. This clip show more of the aftermath of the nuclear cloud than do most films.
Keywords: stock footage; historic; 1952; nuclear energy; nuclear weapon; hydrogen bomb; H-bomb; Enewetak Atoll; explosion; fireball
Downloads: 114,698 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[texts]Concerning the establishment of a South Pacific nuclear free zone and expressing the sense of the Congress with respect to the South Pacific region : markups before the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, first session, on H. Con. Res. 111 and H. Con. Res. 180, November 16, 1993 - United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific

Keywords: Nuclear-weapon-free zones -- Oceania; Nuclear nonproliferation; United States -- Foreign relations Oceania; Oceania -- Foreign relations United States
Downloads: 203
[texts]Nuclear issues in the South Pacific : hearing before the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session, November 15, 1995 - United States. Congress. House. Committee on International Relations. Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Nuclear weapons -- Oceania Testing; Nuclear-weapon-free zones -- Oceania; United States -- Foreign relations Oceania; Oceania -- Foreign relations United States
Downloads: 377
[texts]Imprimis Volume 34 Number 6 - Hillsdale College

Keywords: Hillsdale College; Imprimis; Center for Constructive Alternatives; nuclear; emp threat; emp attack; threat commission; nuclear weapons; nuclear weapon
Downloads: 1
[audio]narcotic - LITH
aggressive power-noise-industrial music.
Keywords: lith, noise, industrial, acid, power noise, electronic, ecology, aussterben, extermination, genism, genic, nuke, nuclear, weapon, war, vivisection, antivivisectionnism
Downloads: 1,278
[movies]The Current Episode 28/4 - Tom Frank Studios
Today we'll talk about, North Korea testing a nuclear bomb, the budget deficit getting lower, and painting with Bob Ross.
Keywords: North Korea; Nuclear Weapon; Nuclear; Nuclear Bomb; Budget Deficit; Budget; Deficit; Bob Ross; The Joy of Painting
Downloads: 142
[movies]The Atom Strikes! - US Army Signal Corps, Pictorial Service
Shortly after the end of the war an American mission was sent to Japan, to report on the destruction wrought by the atomic bombs. The mission, organized by the Manhattan Engineer District, included engineer and medical officers and a few scientists. This film portrays some of the devastation they witnessed,.
Keywords: atom; atomic; Hiroshima; Nagasaki; World War II; WWII; atom bomb; ABomb; nuclear; nuclear weapon; little boy; fat man; radioactive; Japan
Downloads: 10,879 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Sojournertruthradio 071812
Today, we speak with Alaric Balibrera, a hunger striker, to discuss the protest of nuclear weapons at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. More banking scandalsâwho will be held accountable? And whatâs going on with Mitt Romneyâs money? Economist Max Wolff weighs in. With two weeks before the Olympic games, scandals overshadow celebration. From unscrupulous sponsors to increased militarization, our guests Jules Boykoff and Sara Calloway go beyond the fanfare in London...
Keywords: olympics; hunger strike; nuke; nuclear weapon; los alamos; mitt romney; libor; banking scandal; militarization; london 2012; g4s; london olympics
Downloads: 16
[movies]Military effects studies on Operaton Teapot (restored colours) - USAF Lookout Mountain laboratory; MichiForna88
I tried to restore the original colors of the Operation Teapot film by removing most of the red hue with Avidemux. Of course, this is far from being any kind of professional job - indeed there are portions of the film that now have a fain green/blue hue, unfortunatly. However, still better than nothing... By the way, it seems that from 1955 at Lookout Mountain laboratory someone decided to put some kind of laquer (which turned reddish in the years) on the prints of the films to protect them from...
Keywords: Operation Teapot; restored colors; cold war; nuclear weapon; atomic bomb; 1955; atomic energy commission; department of energy; DoE; department of defense; DoD; nuclear war
Downloads: 277
[movies]Operation HARDTACK Military Effects Studies: Part IV - Sub-kiloton effects - USAF Lookout Mountain laboratory
Original telecine transfert of the fourth Operation Hardtack film; the color-corrected (sort of) version is avaiable elsewhere here on the Archive. As you can see - or better, as you can hear - the whole soundtrack has been "sanitized" (id est, removed) by the reviewer; as far as I know the original film is still classified as "Secret - Restricted Data". By the way: REP stands for "Roentgen Equivalent Physical", an obsolete unit of measure of radiation in which "the absorbed energetic dose befor...
Keywords: Operation Hardtack; nuclear testing; 1958; cold war; department of energy; department of defense; atomic energy commission; aec; doe; dod; nevata test site; nuclear weapon; radiation
Downloads: 336 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Federal Civil Defense Administration: "Let's Face It" - USAF Lookout Mountain laboratory
"Civil Defense, based on the assumption that a nuclear attack from the former Soviet Union was imminent, ranked high on the list of U.S. priorities in the 1960âs. The Federal Civil Defense Administration was in charge of this Cold War activity. A key point emphasized in the video is that for citizens to survive a nuclear attack, they must be prepared. This meant they must know the locations of approved Civil Defense shelters or have their own shelter at their home, or both...
Keywords: Civil Defense; nuclear war; nuclear weapon; cold war; atomic bomb; nuclear test; nevada test site; nevada proving ground; teapot; buster-jangle; 1950s
Downloads: 1,730
[movies]Operation HARDTACK Military Effects Studies: Sub-kiloton effects - USAF Lookout Mountain laboratory; MichiForna88
Part four of the Operation Hardtack series, which examines sub-kiloton effects to weapon and personnel. The entire soundtrack has been removed from this declassified version of the film, evidently containing still sensitive information; the complete film, as far as I know, is still classified Secret - Restricted Data. This film actually covers Phase II of Operation Hardtack, conducted at the Nevada Test Site in 1958, during which safety of nuclear weapons was determinated against accidental deto...
Keywords: Operation Hardtack; nuclear weapon; cold war; nuclear testing; radiation; sanitized; silent film; Atomic Energy Commission; AEC; Department of Defense; DoD; Department of Energy; DoE
Downloads: 295
[audio]CKLN Rude Awakening: United Nations Act? vs. New Terrorist Acts? vs. Will Toronto Act Before We're Blown Up? - May 20, 2010
. May 20, 2010 CKLN Rude Awakening hosted by Black Krishna United Nations Act? vs. New Terrorist Acts? vs. Will Toronto Act Before We're Blown Up? Featuring: Mike Adams, Daniel Vitalis . How seriously can we take the latest "Terror!" charges against another muslim man in Toronto under the new ...
Keywords: toronto ontario canada war on terror united nations 911 truth rcmp police soldier army g20 iran nuclear weapon new world order conspiracy media fear love hate muslim water health activism liberal conservative community city urban liberation music culture
Downloads: 24
[texts]AR 50-5

Keywords: nuclear; prp; certifying; official; dod; surety; individual; personnel; reactor; medical; army nuclear; nuclear weapon; certifying official; nuclear duty; nuclear reactor; certifying officials; personnel reliability; nuclear surety; nuclear weapons; personnel security
Downloads: 220
[texts]To the deflection of asteroids in the diameter range of 5 to 200 km - Harry K. Hahn
The main goal of this study was to find feasible methods and strategies for the deflection of large asteroids in the diameter range of 5 to 200 km. For the deflection of asteroids in the 50 - 200 km range only one feasible way was found, which is an indirect but extremely powerful technique ! ( see Deflection Strategy 3 ) A first assessment of our ability to deflect an asteroid of a certain diameter was carried out...
Keywords: asteroid; deflection; strategy; impact; redirection; near earth object; asteroid impact avoidance; asteroid retrieval and utilization; asteroid grand challenge; nuclear explosive devices; NED; nuclear weapon; B41; B83; W76; W80; HAIV; assessment; defense system; kinetic energy; radiation pressure; comet; Hale Bopp; shoemaker-levy 9; chelyabinsk; meteorite; amun 3554; collision; asteroid belt; counterstroke; counterstrike; billiard; mass extinction; extinction cycle; bio diversity; cycle; cycles in fossil diversity; galactic plane; crossing; solar flares; solar tornados; solar cycles; sunspot cycles; sun tornados; helium plasma; fusion reactor; tokamak; plasma systems; helium string; helium filament; solar wind flow; sun; flare activity; primordial; magnetic field; corona; helium abundance; corona heating; spiral vortice; plasma vortice; CME; coronal mass ejection; superconductive; superfluid helium; fusion zone; sun core
Downloads: 29
[audio][March 28 2008] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The US Government's 'War Games' To Deceive The American Populace Aren't New Games...And The Endgame Is Closing In Fast On The Bush Administration - Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Service
In The News: Travus Live at KPIG's Studio! Now THAT'S news of note... The War: Apparently no one from the US knew that the Iraqi government was going to try to take Basra. The end result, jet fighter airstrikes in an urban battlefield. Meanwhile, mass protests in Baghdad and the Green Zone is under siege and everyone is ordered to live hunkered in bunkers. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates orders a full inventory of ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS MATERIALS after nuclear detonator devices sit on the shelves...
Keywords: Travus T. Hipp; Cabale News Service; KPIG; Politics; News; Alternative News; U.S. Foreign Policy; U.S. Domestic Policy; Breaking Politics News; Realpolitik; Republican Family Values; Social Justice; 4th Branch Of The Government; Aerial Weapons Platform; Air Force; Air War; al-Maliki; al-Sadr; American Culture; American Empire; American Military Occupation; American Occupation; American Protectorate; American Troops in Iraq; Atom Bomb; Atomic Action; Atomic War; Atomic Weapons; Autonomous Tribal Area; Autonomous Tribal Region; Autonomous Tribal Zone; Baghdad; Baghdad Embassy; Balkanised Iraq; Ballistic Missile; Basra; Blog; Blogger; Blogging; Broadcasting Industry; Bush Administration; Bush Family Ranch; Bush War; BushCo; BushWar; CENTCOM; Civil War; Clear Channel; ClearChannel; Collateral Damage; Combat Support Operations; Cost Of War; Counter Offensive; Counter-Insurgency; Defense Department; Democracy Promotion; Democratization; Destabilization; Diplomacy; Disinformation; Endless War; Excessive Force; Extraordinary Rendition; Fallujah; Fourth Branch Of The Government; Free Fire Zone; Freedom Agenda; Free-Fire Zone; Geneva Conventions; Genocide; George W. Bush; Government Accountability; Government Destabilization; Government Disinformation; Green Zone; Guantanamo; Guantánamo; Guantanamo Detainee; High Crimes; Homeland Insecurity; Homeland Security; Imperial Rule; Imperialism; Imperialist; Indefinite Military Presence; Indiscriminate Bombing; Insurgency; Insurgent; Insurrection; Invasion of Iraq; Iraq; Iraq Government; Iraqi Army; Iraqi Culture; Iraqi Government; Iraqi Militia; Iraqi Security Forces; Iraqi Society; Jet Fighter Airstrikes; Mahdi Army; Mark-12 Nuclear Weapon; Mass Demonstration; Mass Media; Mass Protests; Media; Media Concentration; Media Concentrator; Michael Wynne; Middle East; Militarism; Military Endgame; Military Enlistment; Military Operations; Military Proxy; Military Recruiting; Muqtada al-Sadr; National Insecurity; National Security; Nuclear Detonator Device; Nuclear Material; Nuclear Missile Detonators; Nuclear Proliferation; Nuclear Technology; Nuclear War; Nuclear Weapon; Nuclear Weapons; NUCLEAR WEAPONS; Occupation Army; Oil Wars; Organized Resistance; Pacification; Pacified Cities; Pakistan; Pentagon; Political Philosophy; Presidential War Powers; Propaganda; Protest; Regime Change; Resource Wars; Robert Gates; Sadr City; Secretary of Defense Robert Gates; Secretary of the Air Force; Security Threat; Siege; State Department; State Department Employee; Taiwan; Taiwanese Military; The Surge; The Surge™; U.S. Air Force; U.S. Embassy Iraq; U.S. Forces in Iraq; U.S. Governance; U.S. Government; U.S. History; Unjust War; Urban Battlefield; Urban Warfare; Vietnam Flashback; Vietnam War; Vietnamization; War Crimes; War Games; War Pigs; Warmonger; Warmongering; War-mongering; Waziristan; White House; World War 2; World War II; World War Two
Downloads: 164
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